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Treasure Chest Cake for Girl’s Birthday Party

Treasure Chest Cake for Girl’s Birthday Party

Celebrating her birthday is one of the best gifts that she might ever get from you. By arranging and preparing a nice birthday party for her, you will see a bright face come from hers. There are some tips that you can do in conducting such nice birthday party for your girl. The main thing that you should not have to forget is the birthday cake. Birthday cake is becoming the center of attraction in the birthday party. One of the unique but adorable birthday cakes for your girl is the treasure chest cake. There are some models and decoration of this cake that you can choose to make your girl’s birthday party awesome.

The first treasure chest cake decoration for your girl’s birthday party is the cute pink pearl treasure chest with age pop up on it. This will be great because you will find a black treasure chest combined with a nice pick belt cover it. It is a half more opened and arouses some nice pearls and jewelry on it. The very interesting one is the pearl and jewelry which is shaped a number of her ages now. It is best to choose in her pirates birthday party theme.

The second treasure chest cake decoration to make your girl’s birthday party awesome is the wooden chocolate pirates treasure chest with a nice head’s pirate candies on it. You will find such nice cake covered with chocolate and shaped into such wooden chest. It is fully opened then you will see such colorful candies and chocolates in it. It will be more attractive when you put a nice lollipop standing in the corner of its cake.

The last but not least treasure chest cake decoration is the secret treasure chest decoration. Many of the treasure cake are made in such open or a half open to see what is inside them. However, picking the simple closed treasure chest birthday cake decoration is also great. You will see a tidy closed treasure cake. You can add a nice treasure hunt map under the cake to make the secret nuance arouse.

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