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Easy DIY Clothing Racks Steps

Easy DIY Clothing Racks Steps

Living in a condo with minimum space is not so good that you need to be creative to use the furniture. If you cannot afford to buy the clothing cupboard due to this space constrain you can try DIY clothing racks. You need to prepare 4 pieces of steel pipes, 4 pieces of iron connector joints with T shape, and flanges, 6 pieces of iron elbows and steel nipples.

DIY clothing storage is pretty simple. You need to remove the grease on the steel first to remove the residue. Use a Goo Gone and knife first and towels to rub the excess grease and clean the pipes. Then, screw the threaded nipples into your 4 flanges. Then you can fasten the elbow of the nipples in each side. You can start on fastening your 10” pipes on the elbow. After that, screw the T connector on the one side. You need to repeat the action in reverse step to make the legs. Make the other one for the second leg.

On the top of T connector, fasten threaded nipples and add other T connector on the longer side then the two holes can be fastened in 60” pipes. This can be used for the base of your racks. Use the second leg to fasten the horizontal 60” pipes. And you can start to connect the racks to make the frame. For the top side you can use iron elbows to make the hanging rod. And you have finished making your own DIY clothing racks.

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