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Combination of White and Purple Wedding Cakes

Combination of White and Purple Wedding Cakes

There are two most popular color choices for wedding cakes; they are white and purple wedding cakes. White color symbolizes the purity of the wedding ceremony and also becomes the symbol of virginity of the bride. This will be the best choice for them who like to connect whatever the physical appearance with the hidden meaning. The sacred sense of the ceremony will be reached easily through white wedding cakes. Then there is another popular wedding cakes, they are purple wedding cakes.

Actually, purple wedding cakes are usually not purple in whole. This color choice of wedding cake is usually combined with the background of the cake as white color. The purple color can be found usually in the upper side of the edge part of the cake. The combination of these two colors can create a good sense since white color is the symbol of the purity and purple color is one of the feminine colors and in the same time it gives the sense of softness character.

Some people like purple wedding cakes because of its appropriateness with the decoration of the hall where wedding ceremony is held. In this case, of course the dominant color used in the decoration must be purple one since the combination of it with elegant purple wedding cakes can add the sense of elegance for the guests who are coming. The elegant aspect can be reached too by combining it with the gown wore by the bride.

It means that since purple wedding cakes can be combined with another physical aspect especially the decoration, it will be more perfect when the bride wear the gown that has the aspect of purple color too. Of course the basic color for it can be white, but the little purple color can be added into it for giving the touch of feminine but in the same time also elegant.

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